Mustard for Munchkins

We all know kids & mustard go together like pastrami on rye. This unique program brings the wonders of mustard to children with a goal of encouraging them to appreciate mustard and learn about healthy eating — with a little history, geography, and art thrown in. Included will be four different mustards to taste and for little munchkins a copy of the children’s book Mustard On A Pickle. For older munchkins, we include the game Please Pass The Mustard! There are three variants:

  • In person at the Mustard Museum;
  • Someone (probably the Curator) will travel to a school or youth organization within 40 miles of Middleton;
  • If it’s beyond 40 miles from Middleton, it’s over Zoom.

With the Zoom option, we send the mustards and the book or the game. (US addresses only.)

The cost to you is: Zero! Zip! Nada! No charge! Free! 

We can do this without any cost to your school or youth organization because of the generous donations of various businesses and organizations. Thank you to the Middleton Endowment Fund and to One Community Bank, among others.

We can do only one per week so email the Curator at with your interest and preferred date; he will get back to you to book your Mustard for Munchkins event.